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Multi-chain farming

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Auto staking and auto compounding in your wallet

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Interest is paid every 15 minutes

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The Wall Street Ape Club NFTs
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How Ape Protocol works?

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    $APEP Token

    $APEP is the utility token of the ecosystem. Holders receive 0.02619% interest every 15 minutes automatically just for holding $APEP

  • Auto Compound

    Auto Compounding

    The highest fixed and sustainble APY in the industry of 966,393%. Interest rewards are compounded every 15 minutes for every BSC wallet holding any $APEP tokens.

  • Treasury

    APE Treasury

    The APEP Treasury provides support to the APEP Vault in the event of an extreme price drop in $APEP token.

  • Black Hole

    The Black Hole

    2.5% of all $APEP traded are burnt in the Black hole. The more that is traded, the more get put into the hole causing the hole to grow in size, larger and larger through self fulfilling auto-compounding which in return acts to reduce the circulating supply of $APEP and keeping the Ape protocol stable.

  • Vault

    APE Vault

    The Ape Vault serves as an insurance fund to achieve price stability and long-term sustainability of the Ape Protocol by maintaining a consistent 0.02619% rebase rate paid to all $APEP token holders.

    The APEP funds are bridged to other EVM-compatible blockchains such as Terra, Ethereum or Fantom to farm at the highest APY farms and the profit returns to the APEP funds.

    We aim to deliver ~50% additional returns a year or more to better support $APEP price floor. We are confident that we can support 50% higher APY than other high APY projects while still being sustainable.

  • Rich
  • Road to Financial Freedom

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    Backed by our innovative Treasury algorithm using automatic buyback & burn to support the price.

    The protocol will use Defi 3.0 Multichain Farming to increase the Treasury exponentially at a rate of ~50% a year or more to better support APEP price floor.

  • growth
  • Ape Auto-Liquidity Engine

    Every 48 hours our Ape Auto-Liquidity Engine will inject automatic liquidity into the market. On each buy or sell order there is a 5% tax fee that automatically gets stored into an Auto-LP wallet and built into our protocol’s smart contract is the mechanism which smartly takes the 50% of the amount of APEP stored in the wallet, and will automatically buy BNB at the current market price.

    The remaining 50% of APEP in the Auto-LP wallet will be used for the APEP side of liquidity, therefore giving equal an 50/50 weighting of APEP/BNB which will then be automatically added as new, additional liquidity into the market pair and raising the amount of liquidity in the pool.

  • NFTs
  • The Wall Street Ape Club NFTs

    In Q2 2022, we are going to release a collection of 8,888 The Wall Street Ape Club NFTs (WSAC). People holding $APEP tokens will have an opportunity to buy The Wall Street Ape Club NFTs via public minting, whitelisted members will be airdropped randomly. Stay tuned!

    Each NFT will be extremely limited, with a unique artwork. From the beginning of its existence, the Ape protocol will collect resources in a mission fund in order to assure the success and to reward our holders. Acquiring a Wall Street Ape means gaining membership access to a club whose benefits and offerings will increase over time.

    The proceeds from the sale of WSAC NFTs will be sent to the treasury and used to ensure the protocol's long-term viability.
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APEP Tokenomics

$APEP Tokenomics

APEP buy and sell fees are an important part of the APEP. They provide capital for performing critical functions to the protocol as noted below.

  • Buy

    15% slippage

      Automatic LP injection

      5% of the trading fees return to liquidity

      APE Vault

      5% of the trading fees are stored in APE Vault

      APE Treasury

      2.5% of the trading fees go to APE treasury

      Black Hole

      2.5% of APEP is burnt in the black hole

  • Buy

    17% slippage

      Automatic LP injection

      5% of the trading fees return to liquidity

      APE Vault

      5% of the trading fees are stored in APE Vault

      APE Treasury

      2.5% of the trading fees go to APE treasury

      Black Hole

      2.5% of APEP is burnt in the black hole

      NFT Fund

      2% of APEP sold will be shared equally among WSAC NFT Holders


  • Phase 1

      Website Development
      Official Whitepaper Documentation
      Official Smart Contract Deployment
      Mainnet Pre-Sale Launch on Pinksale
      PinkLock Liquidity Locked
      DEX Listing
      Airdrop Campaign
      Building PR Marketing
      YouTube Marketing Campaign
      Dapp Dashboard Deployment
      CMC/CGK Listing

  • Phase 2

      Certik Audit
      NFT Marketing Campaign
      KOLs Collaboration
      The Wall Street Ape Club NFTs Twitter Announcement
      WSAC Auction/ Presale/ Airdrop
      WSAC Launchpad on NFT Marketplace
      Upgrade Dapp Dashboard
      Cross-Chain Integration
      CEXs Listing

  • Phase 3

      The Wall Street Ape Club goes viral Building WSAC Community
      WSAC gets its own Youtube Channel
      Member-Exclusive WSAC Merch Store
      Limited Edition Goodies For Holders
      Times Square Billboard Advertising

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      Jong-Kil Lee

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